The Gin and Tonic of Your Dreams

Next to wine, you could say the national drink of Spain is gin and tonic. When I moved to Spain for my study abroad, I was introduced to the gin and tonic. Growing up, vodka or pisco sours had been the drink of choice and once I tried this ‘foreign’ cocktail, I never really looked back. Ironically, in Spain, one of the primary gins is Seagram’s which is an American gin.

La Terraza del Yandiola knows where it’s at when it comes to a good gin and tonic. You’ll just also happen to have one of the best views of Bilbao. If you order a Seagram’s, they pour it in the coolest contraption full of fruits to let the gin absorb and infuse flavor for your cocktail. Next up, chill it up with some dry ice. Top it off with some tonic and you’re good to go.

The emblematic Alhóndiga Building used to be a wine cellar. With a facelift, by designer Philippe Starck, it reponed in 2010. While it once started with wine, this chic rooftop leaves you ending up with gin and tonic of your dreams.

La Terraza de Yandiola Bilbao Gin and Tonic

Where is your favorite gin and tonic from?

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