36 Hours in Philadelphia

Living in New York for the past two weeks has taught me that things are planned out way in advance. I don’t mind it too much as I am a planner at heart. What I do miss is that spontaneity to just do something. So, this weekend I’m headed to Philadelphia.

As a food fanatic, most people might immediately implore me to try a signature cheesesteak; however cheese and I are frenemies. I might try and be civil and take a bite, but what I’m really looking forward to is discovering a new city.

Known as the “City of Brotherly Love”, I’m more like where’s Jonathan Taylor Thomas?? (This probably dates me.) Instead, I’ll stick to my driving force: food and drinks. Doing a 36 hour trip can be quite overbearing as how does one fit everything one wants to see in such short period of time? I am going to lay it out and see if I can accomplish it all:

Arrive and grab a cup of joe at Greenstreet.

Greenstreet Cafe Philadelphia

Next, head to indulge in a quick donut to pair with said coffee — if we have room, we were told to try the fried chicken — at Federal Donuts and then head to stroll Walnut Street in Rittenhouse Square.

Dinner is on Spanish time at 9:15 at Barbuzzo so why not grab a drink before? We’ll hop skip and a jump to Hop Sing Laundromat in Chinatown. The owner’s eccentric and has some interesting rules (no phones, no hats, no sneakers, etc.) but the space is gorgeous and the cocktails are supposed to be amazing. Count me in.

The following day we’ll start off with a nice brunch at La Peg. Blueberry muffins beignets. Say what?? Full as ever like every brunch we’ll hop back into the city to do some last minute sightseeing including the Liberty Bell. I’ll relive my National Treasure fantasies.

Anything else one would recommend for a Philly trip? 

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