A rhyme, a wink and a nod

I’m an only child. Growing up, I had to entertain myself. In retrospect, this helped me be able to think creatively, be independent and learn how to lead conversation to meet new people. All these things I am thankful for.

While at Wink & Nod with a dear friend from BC, we took things into our own hands and change the way we were to experience our dinner. This South End spot’s menu ends with a quote by Massachusetts politician Martin Lomasey:

Never write if you can speak;
Never speak if you can nod;
Never nod if you can wink.

Inspired by the close to the menu, we decided we would eat and analyze the dish and then put our thoughts and feelings into a haiku. Given his background in English and Literature, he was completely up for it.

The Interior

Down the stairs we went
With a wink, a nod, a step,
Who knows what the night will bring.

The Madonna

Lady Madonna,
With Jennifer + Halle,
A ménage à trois.

Duck Meatballs at Wink & Nod

Uni Risotto at Wink & Nod

Our Eats

Uni rissoto,
Then was foie gras duck meatballs,
A good night twinkie.

Twinkies at Wink & Nod

The Twinkie

Man that’s delicious,
Fresh twinkie on wooden plate,
It melts in your mouth.

What have you done differently to make your dinners more creative?

6 Responses to A rhyme, a wink and a nod

  1. Diana Mieczan says:

    Ha! This is actually super brilliant! So well done and what a great way to sassy-up your dinner:) Love and happy Monday morning, xoxo

  2. Stop it with that Twinkie!

  3. We should all be writing more haiku, obviously. Such a brilliant little form, perfect for encapsulating the ephemeral joy of food + spirit. Cool idea. (But you might want to check your Marin Lomasney quote. Normally I wouldn’t want to call someone out on a typo, but as it IS the name of the bar…hehe)

    • Elizabeth Halle says:

      So embarrassing. Thanks for pointing it out or I would have NEVER changed it. Because the spelling was correct for a different word, it didn’t trigger any notification. Woof.

      Glad you liked the post though 🙂

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