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I’m still recovering from how much I ate in NYC. [Recap will be on the blog soon!] I was able to get my hands on a cronut. Dominique Ansel surely deserves credit for all his hard work and I think he has done a phenomenal job with marketing as there is always a line. That speaks volumes.

I stayed with my dear friend Alexa and she introduced me to so much vegan goodness and clean eating; I cannot wait to include it more into my cooking in the kitchen! I could not, however, stray away from eating Bolognese and of course it was my birthday dish at L’Artusi. You’ll note from the above that I had a whole new take on “birthday celebration”. I was impressed at Alexa’s skills in advising the waiter to put the candle in my Bolognese as it was more appropriate in my likes. Good job, no wonder she’s in advertising!


The best kind of porn. (you’ll get it when you open it; no it’s not scandalous)

I can’t wait to begin cooking some seasonal eats. Summer really brings out some of my favorite fruits. These badboys will also help shape what I make.

I’m going nuts for this Nutella food truck. Only in town until next Tuesday, so make sure you follow it’s schedule to see where it is!

I love that we’re changing the way we eat in Boston through collaboration.

I tried out some oreo cookies and they were a hit!

Gastronauts, Chart a Course for New England.

I’ll leave you with a photo my Dad sent me of our pup (he’s 14!) Riley. He’s catching up on some light reading since Hurricane Season is about to start in Miami. I guess it was a bit boring so he needed some coffee to keep him awake!

What food finds did you come across this week?

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  1. Stop. It. I need to hear all about the cronut!

    • Post on NYC to come soon. Sadly, I was not blown away. I definitely think Dominique Ansel has done a great job with branding but the hype just made it disappointing to me. Also, when I made the cronut at my class, we had them warm. Makes THE difference.

  2. Diana Mieczan says:

    Aww…happy belated birthday, lovely and I am so checking out all your links. Btw: Glad you had fun on your trip and your Riley is so adorable! I have 2 Westies – 12 and 11 🙂 Kisses

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