Close your eyes and focus in on the friendly conversation of the keystrokes of the piano, the clink of drinks at the bar, and the chatter of friends and people getting intimate over food. This is the sentiment emanating from the Ostra space. Walking in, I was surprised at the splendor of its space and accompanying ambiance. As you enter, there is a seated bar and lounge area that is very different to what I have seen in most restaurants of the area. The bar had hints of white, but more toned with grey.


For those of you Boston folk that can understand my next claim, it did not feel like a Boston restaurant. Instead, it felt reminiscent of a New York or London restaurant. There was a laid back, yet elegant vibe. I was instantly smitten by it.The decor was modern yet inviting. My favorite piece was the lighting- reminiscent of jelly fishes’s tentacles.

Walking in further to the main area of the restaurant, the first thing you notice is the open kitchen, we’re talking up close and personal.

There was a beautiful display of fish before entering the main dining area: their Branzino is imported from Greece!

I sat adjacent to the kitchen and had the pleasure of having Chef Jaime send me dishes to try.

I was first impressed by the bread. I could really go back just for the bread (same goes for the snow egg–see below): ciabatta with slivered onion and fingerling potatoes.

 The seabass crudo was just luxurious with truffle carpaccio atop the crudo with a drizzle of truffle oil.

Next up was the Spanish octopus that was chargrilled with vidalia onion, crisp capers, olive oil and paprika.

For the main dish, I had the grilled sea bream in trevisano leaf, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and snipped herbs.

The snow egg stole the night with its unique incorporation of flavor and texture. A lemon curd mousse was housed within a merengue with crystalized sugar on top. The egg sat atop 4 plump raspberries that were accompanied with a basil sauce. This dessert was so smooth, it melted in your mouth.

Snow Egg at Ostra

I am so happy that I was invited in to have a taste of their menu. Ostra is the spanish word for oyster. Chris Gardner once wrote, “The world is your oyster, it’s up to you to find the pearls.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is a pearl.

Ostra Boston

1 Charles St South
Boston, MA 02116

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If you’ve been, I’d love to hear your thoughts about your experience in the comments below!

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  1. i so want to try this place! def a special occasion spot. the decor is so fresh and beautiful!

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