This Place Needs Some Papparazzi

I woke up one recent Sunday morning and I had the craving for brunch. (This happens every weekend). In looking at locations I hadn’t tried close to my apartment in the Back Bay, none had availability for at least 2 hours. Sacrebleu! I used my creative juices and thought outside the box. What place might be close but not be associated with brunch. And then it came to me: Pappa Razzi. Although I had only been there for dinner (which I loved), I looked up its brunch menu. At first, I thought it would be a long shot because they are a dedicated Italian restaurant. Can you name an Italian spot that you really know that is known for their brunch?

Exactly. Well, Pappa Razzi has become my new favorite spot. Not only does it have a diverse breakfast menu and is affordable, but most importantly you  get a free drink. Theres a saying that goes “hair of the dog.” If you had a late night of drinking and need one more to ease into less of a hangover, why not have a delicious drink and dish here? I mean, why not?

I had the french toast. It consisted of an oak fried brioche bread topped with a selection of warm fresh seasonal fruit and maple syrup. It is the best French toast I have had in a while.

Luis tried the Tuscan eggs benedict. He was quite pleased. I wish I could handle eggs; so that I could taste the dishes he orders in the AM. His included eggs with pancetta, tomatoes, and parmesan served with roasted potatoes and grilled crostinni.

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