Alex #2 Roll

On Tuesday, I usually highlight two things I like or have tried in a series that plays on the phonetics of the word, “Two’s Day”. This Tuesday, I decided to switch it up – I am still showcasing something in the form of 2 but it is only one item: the Alex #2 roll.

I began to love sushi in my early years of higschool. My go-to spot in Miami was and still is Akashi; it has recently been redone to have a more modern and fun vibe. Nevertheless, the food remains of the same amazing caliber! There is an extensive menu of rolls, tempura, sashimi, stir-fryed, teriyaki, katsu or specialty dinners. No shock by the title of my post, my favorite item is the Alex#2. You won’t know what you’re currently missing out on until you try it!

It’s website rumors a Brickell location opening, say what??????? So excited!

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