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Source: Marena Fitzwater

There are many things I am passionate about. Family. Friends. Food…Music is also a huge factor that has made itself a piece of the puzzle you could call my life. I began playing piano when I was 8 and it has been a love/hate relationship ever since. 5 years later, I picked up the flute and saxophone. And a few years after that, I tested the waters with guitar. Needless to say, music has played a big part in my life. Aside from playing, I am always on the hunt to find new & unique sounds. Today, I came across Pentatonix. Apparently I am on the late train, as they came into the spotlight in the 3rd season of The Sing-Off last year. But let me get back to Pentatonix. Listening to their song at work (with my headphones in of course), they had me falling out of my seat at the incredible nature of their talent. Below, I have posted a song of theirs that recently went viral, and for good reason! If you have a few minutes, check them out. After one song, it’ll be just like Pringles’ slong: “Once you Pop, You Can’t Stop”. That could actually be a great catch phrase for them if you think about it!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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