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The only thing I knew about Wormhole Coffee heading in was that it was close to where I was staying and that they had a DeLorean in the shop. Having a close inside joke with somebody about DeLoreans, I knew I had to make my way in PLUS the shop clearly had some inspiration from Back to the Future.

Walking in, I felt that the name had done the coffee shop justice. It was as though I’d been sucked into a wormhole into the late 1980s. From movie posters to video games present, it could not have felt more like a parallel world.

Had I stayed to do work, they continued with floppy disks with the wifi passwords. Wifi : Babywurm; Password: slowDOWNchewyourFOOD. LOL.

I had a lovely cappuccino at Wormhole. In fact, I went back for a second before leaving. Definitely a spot to check out!


1462 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 661-2468

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Next | Chicago

Next Chicago

One of the things that seems to be all the rave in Chicago is ticketed dining experiences. Or, the places I wanted to try at least. Ironically, the three places I wanted to try, Alinea, The Aviary, and Next Restaurant, are all owned by the same person: Grant Achatz. Contrary to the norm of menus, Next offers the diner a unique experience. Every few months, the menu changes completely by cuisine or style. A few seasons I wish I could have tried were Childhood, elBulli and hope to be able to come back for the Tapas beginning in May 2015.This time around, the menu focused on French Bistro.

Having started at The Aviary, we walked into Next. Blissfully walking over, we were greeted with some bread at the table. 9 shared cocktails in, this was certainly welcome.

And, of course, the first thing to come to the table was a drink. Death in the Afternoon, one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drinks. It included champagne, Absinthe verte by St. George, sparkling pear cider, fennel celery and green apple juice.

Our amuse-bouche, the oeuf a la Beran, was a chicken custard with crispy chicken skin and chives. This combination came out in a finely cut open facing egg, presentation on point.

Amuse Bouche at Next Chicago

Next up was the potato and leek soup. I love soups that are interactive in nature. At first glance of the dish, you saw some of the potato and chives. Shortly thereafter, the soup was incorporated for a creamy dish.

Potato & Leek Soup at Next Chicago

Potato & Leek Soup at Next Chicago

Then we had the skate wing with capers, brown butter and lemon. It was so tender and melted in your mouth.

Skate Wing at Next Chicago

Up next, a caramelized onion tart with gruyere and anchovies. It was like having a French onion soup in tart form.

Caramelized Tart at Next Chicago

The main dish was the leg of lamb with vegetables, olives and rosemary.

Leg of Lamb Next Chicago

Chef brought out a dish for us. We had just been talking about sausage and voila a toulouse style sausage and duck casserole.

Next Chicago

Since there were four of us and two desserts, we did the rational thing and ordered two of each. There was a rum cake and an apple tart. I definitely preferred the apple tart. The rum cake was nice, but very powerful with the alcohol incorporated. After a night at Aviary and drink pairings at dinner, I just couldn’t do it. In a removed situation, I am sure I would have been more inclined to have more of that!

Dessert at Next Chicago

Dessert at Next Chicago

 Cannot wait to see what’s next!

Next Chicago


953 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 226-0858

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The Aviary

This past weekend I had made plans to return back to the Windy City. After having gone for my birthday last year, I fell in love with its urban nature but most importantly its food. I was in for a treat as my friend Christina is a food lover herself. Not sure of when I’d be back into the city, I had stated my interest in dining at Alinea. Uncertain whether her friends would be able to join us, we missed their available time slots. Instead we decided on Next , Grant Achatz’s second ticketed style restaurant after Alinea. As the night went on, the tickets for dinner got cheaper. Earlier in the evening was around $120, whereas the 10:15 was around $90.

Thus, we opted to do drinks first and roll in to a later dinner: The Aviary and continue into Next thereafter. Fun fact: they’re connected. We walked from one place the the Next. Badumm ching.

At the Aviary, we began with an amuse of galiano autentico, applejack brandy, and chamomile. Talk about my cup of tea.

The Aviary
Given that we were 4 girls, we decided we’d divide and conquer to try the most of the menu. Not all are pictured as the lighting was dim.

Christina had the Zombie Panda. I am not sure why it is called that. In it there were raspberry pearls. As you drank, you took in some pearls and had a slush like consistency to each gulp!

The Aviary

I had the Hay is for Horses with gin, maple, grapefruit, horseradish.

Mo had Levels.

Christina got the Carrot Cake cocktail.  Literally tasted like the cake in liquid form!

To share we had the Organized Chios, a table side infusion that develops over the time you are drinking it which included pink peppercorn, rosemary chartreuse, and armagmac.

The Aviary

In the Rocks: Benedictine, vermouth, cognac, rye. A vieux carre on the rocks inside the ice sphere. You use a slingshot to release the cocktail.

We split El Rescate which was prepared in a vaccum pot in front of us. This coffee stiffen vaporizes and infuses back down. In the drink, there were walnuts, orange peel, ancho chile chocolate, chai mocha tea.

The Aviary

Rob Roy.

The Aviary

All in all, The Aviary was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend going in a larger group and splitting the drinks. You get your fare share and the price ends up being way more reasonable. I would not think twice about coming in again. I can’t wait for my next chance.


955 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607

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