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How many times have you tried to make your way to dine at the “it-spot” and gotten too caught up in the hustle and bustle of your week? (RAISES HAND) When calling in to the restaurant, you get the terrible news that there are no open spots for the time and date you were hoping for. What if you could bypass all of this with ease of your fingertips? Step aside reservation, and instead choose Reserve.


Reserve is in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco. An example of how Reserve works can be found below:

1) Reserve works with your city’s best restaurants to provide a great dining experience. Put in your request for restaurant, date, and time. Shortly, you will get update notifications.

Carbone Reserve Request

2.With Reserve, everything is seamless! There’s no need to pull out your wallet or phone. After your meal, the check is automatically billed to your card, including the tip and Reserve’s small concierge fee.

Carbone Reserve Request

3. Feedback is crucial. This helps improve the experience and also helps the restaurant improve, as well!

Carbone Reserve Request

Why book when you can Reserve? See you at the table! Download the app here. The Reserve team has granted you guys, the readers, a credit of $25 for your first use!! Use code “littlemoments” to redeem.


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I used Reserve to snag seats for La Brasa tomorrow evening. Full post to come soon!


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Have you used Reserve??


Places to Eat in Montreal

My dear friend Jess who I’ve known since way back in the days of my summers at Kamp Kanawana.

In my 10 summers in Montreal as a kid and young adult, I never took the opportunity to try out some fabulous eats. It’s probably because I was one of the pickiest people I knew. How I am eating foie gras peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to uni pastas these days would’ve made my younger self keel over in disgust. Going back with a more refined palate, it seemed Montreal could provide me with just about any cuisine that my heart desired, from fancy molecular gastronomy to spectacular hole-in-the-wall spots to European style bistros. There was something for every one at every price of the spectrum. You just had to hone in and choose where to go.

Strolling through the Old Port, I remembered a friend having told me that Olive + Gourmando was a must. Walking in, there were pastries and coffee at the front and seats in the back for a sit down meal.

We got there quite late, circa 245 pm, and found that there was still a 45 minute wait. This cozy little spot is notorious for a wait, but it was well worth it. The only disappointing thing was how much had sold out by then! All the cold sandwiches I wanted to try were out.

Alas, I took a deep breath and decided upon having a chicken kale caesar salad. Boy was it tasty! And THAT BREAD. So delish. Next time I’m in, I’d like to make it earlier to try one of the sandwiches. And if you don’t have the luxury of time, do yourself a solid and get a croissant and/or a few pastries for the road.


351 Rue Saint Paul Ouest, Montréal,
QC H2Y 2A7, Canada
+1 514-350-1083

Website | Facebook | @chezolive | Instagram

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Night time came around, and I was hungry. AGAIN. Good thing I blog about food and dining out is part of the job description. It is of no surprise that French bistros were a good fit for Montreal, I mean most people speak French over English. Most not all. So, for dinner, we opted to try L’Express.

L'Express Montreal

Walking in to the restaurant, it felt like I was transported to Paris. Yes, I can say this. I’ve been. The checkered floors and bar really brought me back. Not that I was by any means drinking as a 15 year old in France. Although I probably could have. The menu reflected adherence to classic French cuisine.

Sautéed Duck Confit Salad

Sautéed Duck Confit Salad || Duck sits atop spinach, radishes, croutons and green bean


3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal,
QC H2W 2M4, Canada
+1 514-845-5333

Website | Facebook

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Where do you like to eat in Montreal?? 

To Do : Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

When I was growing up, I went on a lot of trips around the globe with my parents. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity. I am truly thankful for my parent’s hard work to have been able to provide me with those experiences. What I wish I had been more appreciative of was the art and museums I went through as a young teen in Europe. I remember feeling as though I was being dragged through the Louvre as well as several British art collections. I cringe at how my parents must have felt having an annoyed teenager walking through those corridors.

Fast forward ten years and now museum frolicking has become one of my favorite pastimes. When headed to Montreal, I did some research and was thrilled to visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. There was a Van Gogh to Kandinsky, Impressionism to Expressionism, 1900-1914, collection when we were in town. Its last week on display is this week so get a-moving!

There was also a Warhol exhibit on display while in town. LUCKY US.

There are always new exhibitions coming through. Check online to find out what’s currently being shown and what’s to come!

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1380 Sherbrooke Street West,
Montreal, Quebec
+1 514-285-2000
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

Facebook | @mbamtl | Instagram

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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