Food Finds

The Summer is all about having adventures. Mine usually circle around the art of eating. This past week, the ladies and I made veggie wonton soup. Came out phenom. I am looking forward to the next thing we make.

Along the way, I also came across some other things I want to do and try:


Have you ever had overnight buckwheat bowls?

Chef Emeril with a line of tortilla chips. Gimme.

Futuristic food.

The new chef’s table.

Like whipped cream, but better.

I’d like to try this.

What food finds have you come across this week?

Scenes From NYC

While I don’t always write about everywhere I go, this NYC was particularly incredible and I wanted to highlight some pass-bys:

Juice bars are big in NYC.   I wish it were the same in Boston. One of the first of many bars we went to was Juice generation. Immediately sought out juice bars when I got back home and to my dismay, there is only one that I find to be on par with cost and quality: Jugos.

A nice coffee shop in SoHo.

Wonderful mural that spoke volumes to me.


The best mojito in NYC, naturally at a place called Mojitos. I’d consider myself a good judge given that I grew up in Miami.

What are some spots you’ve come across in NYC that you enjoyed?

Cronut Criminal

Since last year, everyone has been raving about the cronut. My curiosity beat me to my recenttrip to NYC and I actually did a cronut class at the BCAE.

Recognizing that I was to be in SOHO to check out a favorite store of mine, UNIQLO (to date there hasn’t been one in Massachusetts but they’re opening one in the Natick Mall in August, SO PUMPED), I asked my friend if she’d be open to us attempting the wait. Usually there is a ginormous line, but that day we got there around 11:30 am and there was around 20 people. We gave it a shot and a few minutes in a lady came outside and advised that only half of the people in line might have the chance to get a cronut. Still encouraged, I waited. Maybe ten minutes later, she came out again and repeated but advised that if we wanted to get something else of the pastries at the bakery, we could do the express lane.

Given that I wanted to make the most of my time in the city, I decided to go in and get a different pastry, may as well get something if you’re there right?  I didn’t realize until the end that I had gotten in the line for the cronut. No one had pointed me otherwise. You could buy one or two cronuts, so given the good birthday karma and my luck for getting in line, I only got one in the hopes that other people did the same and everyone to where I was standing got one. Call me crazy, but I thought it was good, not great- for whatever reason I thought it was going to hot? Nevertheless I’m glad I’m able to say I’ve tried it.

Have you tried the cronut?

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